Images of the Land
Last Updated: September 19, 2005
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As we have worked with the property, we continue to be amazed by the diversity this one piece of land holds. A sunrise, the fog rolling in, the morning dew, a winter's snow -- they all seem to catch us in awe. On this page we hope to be able to share some of these sights we have been able to capture.

Manzanita shedding its bark in mid-summer


Madrone trees also shed, but in much more contrast (peach against lime green)


The fog rolling in at the end of a long day of work





The stream on the property in early summer






The 'Gnome' tree


Promise of a winter storm


Winter and a light snow




Between the 'twins' (twin >100' rocks) -- the mossy passage where the moss is over 4" thick


Lichen and moss in an oak


Manzanita with the morning mist


House site's oaks in the fog



Fog filling the valley (the property is just over the ridge at the fog's edge)


The planned homesite just above where the house is planned


Where the road is planned through the upper meadow