Land Access and Road Development
Last Updated: September 19, 2005
Most recent images first; text at bottom..

Gate at the well road


Completed main entrance


Hanging the entrance gates (the poles are old 6" well casings)


Digging for the delivery/trash pen and gates



Finished road at the property entrance


Finished road into the upper meadow


Finished road around the house site


Bringing in the culverts and gravel


The road after grading


Cleared path through the woods into the upper meadow


Roads and Paths

Although any cutting and grading feels offensive -- like a scar upon the land, a road or path directs traffic along chosen corridors, limiting the impact to a property at large. In addition, when a road or path is properly sited with respect to the natural flow of the land, and replanted so that native plants are maintained, a road becomes almost invisible without traffic.