Building Ideas We have Collected
Last Updated: October 09, 2005

As we have planned and prepared for owning and developing this property, we have spent innumerable hours reading, researching and meeting innovative designers as well as studying the wide set of available building materials and methods. Of all we have considered, ferrocement is the one building method and material we kept coming back to. While my first love is in fine woodworking, ferrocement is without initial form and lends itself to astounding potential (not to mention strength and longevity). The photos that follow are from our collection of buildings or architectural details we have been captivated by. We present them here to show the direction we are heading in the development of the house and work facility.

Loraine, Oregon (2004, from ITSA ferrocement conference tour)




Door in Southern Oregon, Hywy 199 (2005)


Another door on the same property


Unknown location / craftsman


Steve Kornher of Flying Concrete, Mexico (ferrocement artist/builder extraordinaire)




















Javier's architecture (ferrocement)




Gander's work


Threshley's sculpture/furniture (ferrocement)


Roadside sculpture in southern Humboldt County (Briceland Rd), California