From the website another possible origin of the name...

Site text:
Corcilius (Familienname)
Corcilius: Wohl latinisiert nach dem Ort Corcilles im heutigen Belgien. Vorkommen in der 2. Hälfte 17. Jh./18. Jh. im Westerwald (Grenzhausen, Mogendorf, Nordhofen).

Translated it says:
Corcilius: Probably the latin form of the name of the city Corcilles in the Heutigen region of Belgium. The Family Name appears in 2nd half of 17th century in the Westerwald-Area (Grenzhausen, Mogendorf, Nordhofen).

{link & translation submitted by Soeren Reither (Bonn, Germany)}

If true, this gives credence to the view that the Corz/cilius families immigrated into the Westerwald region in the 1600s. It also accounts for the sprinkling of families found in France near the Belguim border. Unfortunately it still leaves a mystery as to the origin of the people or their name.


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