Corz/cilius Ancestor Photos
More Needed! (I'll arrange them by family/name as more are accumulated)


Elisabeth Remy, ~1733


Servus Corcilius (son of Elisabeth Remy), ~1733 -- Note Corcilius house shield in upper left.


Maria Gertrud Koll, 1798


Johan Jakob Corcilius, 1799-1883


Christina Wilhelm, 1804-1872


Ernst Corcilius, 1844-1923


Pillbox from the Weilburg pharmacy of Ernst Corcilius (1844-1923)


Caroline Thomas, ~1883


Sarah Belle Williamson Southward, ~1884


Rachel Bartley Clifton, ~1885


John Alkire Southward and children: Granville, Pleasant, Melissa, Clara and Emma, ~1886


Professor Heinrich Joseph Floss, 1880


Anna Catharina Floss, 1897


Jack Borror IV and Family near Borror's Corners, ~1895


Granville W. Southward, ~1909


Milton and Hannah Dean Seymour, ~1918


Jackson Township Class, ~1910 (from left, Harold Borror, Madeline Shover, Mollie Breckenridge, Clyde Titus, Louella Sweezy, Lulu Shover, Flossie Williams and Georgia Teegardin. J.M. Quinton was the teacher)


Seymour Family, ~1938


David Shover Corzilius, ~1941


Corzilius Farm (near Borror's Corners, east of Grove City, Ohio), ~1947


Clifton Family at Herman's after Bill's Funeral, ~1947


Yvonne Mona Clifton Corzilius, ~1953


William Harold Clifton and Family (Pauline, Yvonne, Gene, Phyllis, Sally, William, Carolyn and Marilyn), ~1955


Martha Ellen McPherson Southward, ~1968


David S. Corzilius and Family (Yvonne, Susan, Brian, David and Cynthia), 1968



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