Gunther Corcilius stated the following in a letter to myself, 22 April 1995:

"According to the Rheinish Museum in Cologne, the first Corcilius popped up approx. 100BC. He had been a Centurion of the Roman Legions invading and occupying the Western Forest (Westerwald) with his residence and command centre at (nowdays) Grenzhausen. He ruled those barbariens with an iron fist, taught them manners and behaviour, civilized those brutes, build roads which are still unchanged and used up to date."

"All this happened in the period of Julius Caeser -- 100 BC and later on. This road building program had been a far thinking necessary for Roman troups. It is documented that a message send from Northern Germany or England arrived in Rome 48 hours later by dispatch riders. Really amazing isn't it. Now this chap had been the first of the clan Corcilius. And this name has NOT been changed since."

"My late brother, Fritz (Friederich) Corcilius made a research of our family, did spend thousands of Deutschmark and traced the family back to about 1300. Previous church records are lost because of upheavals and wars."

"About 1500 the Duke of Wied (Westerwald) granted some Corcilius the rights of a Free Landholder over several Hundreds of acres and granted him the coates of Arms. At that time, where EVERYTHING and EVERYBODY had been property of some Feudal bastard, he was equal to an English SQUIRE. He represented the law, (even HIS law), he was sitting in court, had ALL RIGHTS to defend his property and to wear arms. The reason for that, as rumors go, he once in some battles saved the Duke's life by risking his own life."

Gunther goes on to note that Corcilius have the trait of being hard drinkers and subject to violence when rubbed wrong.

Gunther passed on September 26, 1996 at the age of 72.


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