This page contains papers we have been involved in the creation of. Some were originally published on other sites that may have changed and are offered here to ensure availability. You may use them freely for non-profit activities with appropriate citations. These documents may not be used without prior written permission if you are getting paid for your work.

This is a paper assessing a community-owned, para-mutual water company. It was created to address a system in need of maintenance and upgrade. Topics addressed include maintenance, budgeting, health, and legal aspects.
Water Committee Report (PLMWC) -- Adobe .pdf format

A preliminary inventory of the Willits Community's energy usage was completed (by the WELL energy sub-group) in February 2005 and can be viewed by clicking here:
Willit's Area Energy Inventory -- Excel web archive file (mht), viewable in most recent browser versions.
Willit's Area Energy Inventory -- Excel native file (xls).

The WELL Energy Group, in conjunction with the Willits Ad Hoc Energy Committee, developed an energy framework paper. This paper discusses steps towards Energy Independence, as developed for the City of Willits and surrounding community. The paper is available here (1st released August 2005):
Recommendations towards Energy Independence for the City of Willits and Surrounding Community -- Adobe .pdf file

Want to conduct an energy inventory in your own community but don't know where to start? This document also contains notes on related inventories such as water, food and medicine. Click here for a (draft) guide to help you get going! (1st released August 2005):
Conducting Community Inventories -- Adobe .pdf file

Here's a paper from the WELL Energy Group outlining 2 specific (energy) projects for the City of Willits, with an emphasis on emergency preparedness. This plan included a proposal for a floating solar array on the reservoir, that although not undertaken here, is now being implemented worldwide! (1st released February 2006):
2 Energy Projects to Start the City of Willits Towards Energy Independence -- Adobe .pdf file

The Mendocino Energy Working Group (EWG) prepared a county-wide energy and greenhouse gas inventory in early 2007. A copy may be viewed here:
Mendocino County Energy & GHG Inventory -- Excel web archive file (mht), viewable in most recent browser versions.
Mendocino County Energy & GHG Inventory -- Excel native file (xls).

Here's a paper from the Mendocino County Energy Working Group (EWG) concerning Energy's impact on the county. Energy and Greenhouse Gas inventories are included as are policy recomendations for the General Plan update. (1st released June 2007):
EWG 2007 Final Report, County version -- Adobe .pdf file

Resources for community-based presentations on the EWG Report:
EWG 2007 Final Report, Community version -- Adobe .pdf file
Thomas Payne / 'Common Sense' cover for Community version -- Adobe .pdf file
EWG 2007 Final Report Summary -- Summary of report for community presentation; Adobe .pdf file
EWG Outreach Speech -- Speech for community presentation on the EWG work; Adobe .pdf file

Here is the County Response to the Mendocino Energy Working Group (EWG) Final Report, dated August 2, 2007 including which of the Recommendations they Planned to Incorporate and how they were Altered for the General Plan Update:
County Staff Report, Body
County Staff Report, Attachment 1
County Staff Report, Attachment 2 -- this is where EWG's specific recommendations are discussed.

Creating a local utility-scale solar power plant at the Masonite Brownfield
Willits News, Solar Vision (8/2008)
Draft Proposal, Masonite site, 2010
PV Production Model
BOS presentation notes, UVAP, 2011


Recent Letters

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Homestead Ponds are a Necessity the State needs to Support
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Stop Using Social Media for Emergency Alerts!
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When faced with problems, concerns and frustrations with the world around us, researching and writing about them is a good way to help shape our understanding and to convey to others why we feel the way we do. A beneficial catharsis.


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