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Herbert's address was provided by Andrea Corzilius, a 'far' relative.


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Supplements (Or any other title you like; I had the fun writing it and will leave the fun naming it to you):

As far as belonging to my own "family leaves" i like to put some "flesh" on the rare bones of simple data.

As you might have noticed, there is only a small amount of time between my/our marriage and taking on the mostly sweet burden of parentalship.

In earlier times, as for example in the 1950´s resp. the 1960´s, the (in Germany) so-called 3-month-babies hardly ever have been a case of voluntariness but a sign of the so-called "call of duty".

So, depending on that, you could argue "what sign" is given by a 24-hour-baby? Does anybody has poked a gun in the back of the bridegroom? How many brothers do the bride have and in which shapes do they appear? Did the parents of the bride took anybody of the bridegrooms family for ransom? Not at all and total in contrary:

I first met my wife about autumn of 1999, when she was already living in separation from her formely husband as mentioned above. When it was obvious that we will have a baby, my wife told me that she never wanted to be married again. Notwithstanding this opinion, we had at first to arrange the divorce (the judge was chuffed at those people not jelling at each other but reacting as civilized beings). Amendment: In Germany, the law says: if you are not divorced and there is a child born, this child will be assumed as legitimate, what means, the real father has no rights (and duties) even if he want them, the husband has all of them even if he dont want them... even if he had not met his going-to-be-ex-wife for longer than ten month (crazy world, i say ).

After that was regulated, she changed her mind about a second marriage. According to the rules did we order the needed documents. Mine went in soon, but hers didnt. And didnt.

When my mother died at March, 12, i visited the civil registry office to check out if they do need any amendments to my family registry from this incident

By this way the registry officer told me, that in March, there was only one open date left on the wedding schedule: This was at the 22nd.

For registration you do need ALL of the papers recommended And this friendly dame did the following:

She enlistened us by pencil (for she could rub the entry away if needed) for the date mentioned above, giving us the absolute unusual chance to confirm this at least at late afternoon of the 21st. Normally you do AT LEAST need to confirm seven days in front

Annettes documents didnt went in. And didnt. And didnt. And didnt... At the 21st by about 11:00 am Annette gave me a call: Postal service just brought in her documents.

We confirmed the deadline, married within the closest family circle you can imagine (just her and me) and went off to call our nearest dependants for an "evening spent together for legal reasons" (i like this british kind of humor).

At about midnight the "peripherical" part of this familymeeting was disclosed. The now so-to-call Inner Circle went home and - after about approx. one and a half hour - almost head-over-heel to the delivery room.

No. Its not done with this This would be much much much to easy.

As far as i consulted the you are a father resp. parents, too. For this reason i think i can bore you a little bit further...

The midwife told us to come back after a minimum of three to four hours later. Normally, i´m a good sleeper... Especially at night

When we went in again, there was a "guided tour" trough the delivery room for the nearly-to-come delivering ladies (furnished with belonging husbands
or not) and my labouring wife had to wait a little... I admit that i was a little bit angry at this about-an-hour-lasting moment

To cut a long story short: Anything went well

My hand ouched a bit because my wife used to press it while in labour, but it wasn´t too hard. A few hours later i could hold a piece of paper without complaining too much...

And after a few more hours i already could hold the three million roses ...

This new-installed family history (meant: my wife and me) is calling this the "24 hours of Dieburg" (in dependence on the famous carrace in Le Mans/France). We didnt need much longer.

Another reasonable word could be: "Just in time "

So far...

With best regards

Holger Corzilius
(via email, October 2005)


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The following was told to me by Ernst Corcilius (Katoomba, NSW, Australia) in May 2001:

Fritz was purported to have been called in on the discovery of a Roman library in Cologne (Koln) during the WWII rebuilding effort. In the library were said to be documents regarding a Centurion Corz/cilius who served under General Drusus (spelling?) during the Roman expansion and colonization of what is now Germany (Cologne is a variant of the 'colony'). It is said that Centurion Corcilius was an alcoholic which precipitated his assignment to such a remote outpost. This assignment reportedly occured during General Drusus's campaigns in ~30BC.

Fritz (Fredrich) was a multi-linguist and a historian, hence his involvement in the opening of this Roman library in Cologne (~1951). Fredrich had documents of the family as well as a collection of armnants. He was also a mineral collector. These items are reportedly now in Mario Corcilius's possession.