Pictures in Memorium of Cynthia Corzilius (10/6/62 - 7/1/04)

I hope these photographs can provide a little insight to the person she was -- a person of kindness to those that needed help, of high expectations for herself and her work, and of self-sufficiency in her pain. There was much she shared (and could be learned) to those that took the time to listen. And most importantly, even though she was my sister, she was also my friend -- I will truly miss her...



With her 2 brothers and sister


At 8 or 9 years old


The whole family, ~1968


In 6th Grade


Her beloved violin teacher


Playing the violin at ~11 years


Violin concerto



Cynthia and her Mother, Yvonne



With her beloved Grandfather





For Susan (who knew better)


Her first stripe


And she didn't stop until she reached the top (MSgt/First Sgt)


Uh-oh, heavy equipment!




Cynthia and her brother Brian



Her last photograph (est. June 26, 2004)


Her beloved Java Bean Spazdog


A Gathering of friends in memorial; July 11, 2004


Momentos of Cynthia


And it Rained on us (tsk, tsk Cynthia!)...


The cremains urn we prepared for her. We used the wing motif to not only signify her 'I winged it' epitaph but also to signify her freedom from pain and her transition to the next level (e.g. the Phoenix). The 'cord' is Indian sweet grass and the wax seal stamp is the Egyptian eye that sees all.


Click here for Cynthia's Obituary (Columbus Ohio Dispatch, July 13, 2004)


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