Documents and Designs for Bioacoustics Monitoring


This page contains documents and designs I developed for Cornell University's BioAcoustic Research Program between 1993 and 1998. They are presented here since the Cornell BARP page no longer carries these documents. It is hoped that the information presented here will be of benefit to researchers, especially those on a limited budget.

Please note that even though I created these documents and designs, I cannot provide more than cursory support. Part of this is due to the period of time elapsed since I was actively creating these designs and that it is possible that both components and manufacturers no longer exist.


[HYDUSE] -- General usage and deployment of hydrophones, including sources and formulas (~24pp)
[HYDFAB] -- Fabrication of general usage hydrophones (~3pp)
[HYDPOT] -- General potting techniques for hydrophone fabrication (~3pp)
[HYDDES] -- Design and development of a low-cost PVDF hydrophone (~25pp)
[HYDFABP] -- Fabrication of the low-cost PVDF hydrophone design (~7pp)
[HPREAMP] -- Schematic for the PVDF hydrophone preamp
[PREAMP] -- PVDF hydrophone preamplifier response curve

[MINIHYDR] -- A low-cost pocket hydrophone & amplifier unit design. (~6pp)
[MHYDRSCH] -- Mini hydrophone circuit schematics
[MHYDRMCH] -- Mini hydrophone mechanical drawings
[MHYDRPCB] -- Mini hydrophone circuit board
[MHYDRRSP] -- Mini hydrophone response curve
[HYDRMATE] -- Schematics for a simple low-cost 4-channel hydrophone post-amp, also used to eliminate the DC component of voltage-mode hydrophones. The elements of the design can be employed for a 2-channel unit, expanding to 8 or more channels. Designed for 12VDC.
[MINIHET] -- Schematics for a heterodyne circuit to shift sub-sonic (acoustic) emissions into the human hearing range (shifts all frequencies up 400Hz). Compact & designed to run on a 12V battery.

[BUOYDES] -- A simple low-cost hardened sonobuoy design with sparbuoy characteristics (~14pp)
[BUOYUSE] -- Usage and deployment of the hardened sonobuoy design (~7pp)
[BUOYRES1] -- Response curve w/generic sound card
[BUOYRES2] -- Response curve w/tahiti sound card
[BUOYNOTE] -- Sonobuoy performance notes (~3pp)

[UWINGUSE] -- A simple low-cost underwater acoustic source-locating device in the form of a towed wing. With fabrication and usage notes. (~5pp)
[UWINGDEP] -- Towed wing deployment notes. (~3pp)

[FROGFAB] -- A simple low-cost car-top-mounted array for terrestrial tracking of bioacoustics -- originally designed to locate and record frogs. (~8pp)
[FROGUSE] -- Car-top array usage notes. (~3pp)

[SPTACOU] -- A simple solar-power terrestrial microphone w/transmitter design for remotely monitoring bioacoustic emissions up to 1/5 mile. (~5pp)

[HFPROJ] -- A low-cost high-frequency projector design. (~6pp)
[HFPRRESP] -- High frequency projector response curve. (~1pp)


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